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PSRP Negotiations Update #1 2/25/22

PSRP Negotiations Updates

Tentative Agreement* (TA) Highlights 2/25/22

*Tentative Agreements (TAs) are topics on which negotiations have concluded, but these changes will not become part of the PSRP contract until they are voted on and approved by the membership. 

Clearer Contract Language for Reporting to Work During the Emergency Closing of Schools

Currently school secretaries, office assistants assigned to schools, and business managers assigned to schools do not have to report to work when all schools are closed for weather and other emergencies. Once ratified, there will be clearer language in the PSRP contract that they do not have to report.

More Flexibility for FMLA Bonding Leave

Employees may separate available FMLA bonding leave into two separate blocks of time, one immediately after birth/adoption/placement and a second ending no later than one year after birth/adoption/placement. The leave can be separated during the first 2 weeks after birth/adoption/placement due to changed circumstances, ending no later than one year after birth/adoption/placement.

  • For example, a parent has 12 weeks of FMLA available and the baby is born on March 1st. The parent takes off 2 weeks and goes back to work. The parent then has one year from March 1st to use the remaining 10 weeks.

More Flexibility for Bereavement Leave

Current language requires employees to use their bereavement leave consecutively (all at once). If ratified, employees may separate the 4 days of bereavement leave to attend a funeral or memorial service scheduled at a later date. They will not have to use the bereavement leave all at one time.