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“The Moment Was Now” the Play

The BTU will be giving away free tickets to members who would like to see the play “The Moment Was Now”. We only have 50 tickets, so it will be first come first serve. You are limited to two (2) tickets, one for you and one guest.

Written and conceived by longtime labor organizer Gene Bruskin, The Moment Was Now takes you back to 1869 in post-civil war Baltimore during the period of Reconstruction, a moment when America almost did the right thing. Echoing the current moment, the musical centers around the impassioned search for unity among the dynamic leaders of powerful movements, at a meeting convened by Frederick Douglass. Hope hangs in the balance at this turning point in US history.

Director and Choreographer Darryll Moch

Musical Director Glenn Pearson, with Chester Burke

Featuring: Julia Nixon, Ariel Jacobson, Lecount Holmes, Jenna Rose Stein, Darryl! Moc