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Use the BTU Form for Reporting Violations + Other Tools


Dear Members,

As members volunteer and are mandated to work in person at school sites, the BTU has created an online reporting form in order to document positive and suspected COVID cases. This online reporting form can also be used to report:

This form is NOT meant to replace reported violations sent to supervisors, it is a supplement that will allow union membership a single, consistent, and safe place to report to BTU so that we are able to most efficiently and effectively support staff.

Every provision of the PSRP contract and Teacher contract remain in enforcement during distance learning, so contract violations can also be reported using the online form. While we are still enforcing the regular Teacher and PSRP Contracts, they do not cover many of the unforeseen circumstances brought on by the pandemic and the virtual learning environment. My negotiating team and I engaged in more than 19 days of negotiations to secure protections in a Memorandum Of Understanding (“MOU”).

One of these protections was a binding commitment that every worksite and school must adhere to the health and safety guidelines and standard operating procedures set forth in the most current version of City Schools’ Health & Safety Guide or any updated version of this document. BTU is able to grieve violations of the district’s written operating procedures and guidelines along with the other provisions in the MOU, so we ask any member who witnesses a violation to fill out our online reporting tool.

We know that the District’s Health and Safety Guidelines are long and while we encourage members to read them in their entirety, we know that not everyone will have the time. Therefore we have created a 1 pager summarizing some of the most relevant information from the Health and Safety Guide. We also recognize that the MOU is written in legal language that isn’t the easiest to read and understand. Therefore we’ve created a 1 pager summarizing the most relevant aspects of the MOU for reopening schools.


We will continue fighting for your safety whether you are working at home, or in a building whether voluntary or mandated. Please email or your field rep if you have questions about how to fill out this form.

In solidarity,

President Brown







Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, like so many communities, the residents of “The Townes of the Terraces” continue to struggle with meeting the daily needs of its households. Obtaining assistance for these residents, which include families with children and older seniors is always a challenge for the Tenants Association President, Paulette Carroll. As you probably know, with the winter months approaching, life will become a little more challenging for do many. In response to the ongoing pandemic, Ms. Carroll has been partnering with local churches to provide a safe and supervised space for children in the community to be supervised.

The Tenants Association is asking members of the Baltimore Teachers Union to share their love and the spirit of the upcoming holidays by providing school supplies, and gifts that will put a smile on the faces of the children and parents in the community. Your gifts and school supplies can make a big difference in these families having not only a safe learning environment, but a joyous holiday season and a less stressful winter.

Any donations of school supplies, pampers, (sizes 2-5) hats, gloves, coats, socks, games, books, bikes, children’s clothing, gift cards, and pantry items are needed to assist the Townes of the Terraces families during these unprecedented times.

Please drop off your items at 1337 W. North Avenue, 21215, weekdays between 10am and 3pm. You can also email the coordinators at and

We truly appreciate your support with helping meet the needs of the residents and for spreading smiles on their faces.

Peace and blessings,

Paulett Carroll, President, The Townes of the Terraces Tenants Association

Maryland State Registered Non-Profit