The Baltimore Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) is working on a campaign to build the People's Platform for Education and we would love for your school community’s young people, staff, and parents to make their voices heard as a part of this platform. Interested? Email member engagement specialist Corey Gaber at to bring an AROS Mobile Voting Station to your community.

 What exactly is this campaign again?

 The AROS coalition conducted listening sessions in the fall with hundreds of educators, students, and parents about what they believe our schools need to thrive. Those conversations were coded and organized into a draft platform, and now we're narrowing the platform down to our top 5 priorities by setting up mobile voting stations outside of schools around the city. There, people will be able to view the platform areas and vote on their most deeply held priorities. Once narrowed down, this platform will be used to influence the upcoming elections, including holding a Gubernatorial Candidate Education Forum. 

 So what would I have to do as my school's point person?

  1. Find an agreeable date/time sometime between March 14th-April 29th (minus Spring Break which runs April 11-18) where AROS could set up a couple of signs and tables in the morning during entry and/or afternoon during dismissal to invite students, staff, and families to vote on the platform. (Voting should take anywhere from 3-10 minutes per individual depending on how long folks want to read and decide)

  2. Find a location around the school that would see a lot of foot traffic and is agreeable to administration.

  3. Act as the connection between AROS and the school or find someone else from the community willing to act as the point person, helping to promote the event as it approaches and navigate logistics of that site. You would NOT have to staff the station itself though you certainly would be welcomed to for any period of time!

Here is a 2-page description of the platform areas (a spanish version and younger student version are in the works as well). Anyone is welcomed to also fill out this shorter online survey for a digital voting option. We’re also willing to come to classrooms and present directly to students and then allow them to vote. Follow the Baltimore AROS Coalition on social media here:

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