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Who You Gonna Call? YOUR FIELD REP: Steps for Incident Reporting at School

By Brittany Johnstone, Ed.S., NCSP, School Psychologist, Teacher Chapter Special Services Vice President, Safety Committee Co-Chair

Working in schools every day, we have to be realistic about the risks that come given the stress of our jobs, the long hours, the increasing demands and the high-stakes nature of the roles many of us work in. The continued financial neglect of BCPSS means that every day we face the daunting task of supporting students when we are understaffed and under-resourced.

While the district is taking some steps to support the physical and psychological safety of students, staff, and educators, we also have to be realistic that incidents can and will happen. Like any safety planning, the work we do to prevent an incident is the most important. Whether through restorative approaches to discipline that focuses on repairing harm over punitive discipline, positive behavioral supports in school, school safety measures like cameras and locking doors, manageable class sizes, or fully staffing mental and behavioral support positions, reviewing the steps involved in incident reports is another crucial step in being fully prepared for our jobs.

The stress of the moment after an incident has occurred is not the time to be searching for the steps to file a report. Keep them handy and be prepared for supporting yourself or a colleague through the reporting process.

So… Who you gonna call? YOUR FIELD REP!

In solidarity and safety,

BTU Safety Committee


Click here to complete the fillable BTU Safety Net School Safety Incident Report

If You Are Involved In An Incident At School:

  1. Inform an administrator and Building Representative of the incident reporting only necessary information
  2. Call your Field Representative
  3. Complete a BTU School Safety Incident Report AFTER speaking to your Field Representative
  4. Also fill out a Baltimore City Incident Report, and go to the City clinic if you are injured. You can obtain an incident report from the school secretary or principal.
  5. If you are assaulted by a student (battery, robbery, etc.), call School Police and file a report.
  6. Report to BTU, in writing to your Field Representative, any principal who attempts to stop or delay the process.
  7. If you are accused of abuse, do not give any statements until you have spoken to a Field Representative.
  8. Forward a copy of the incident report to the BTU office once completed to Cliff Denby at and Julie Richardson